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Condo Hotels

Condo hotels are in a league of their own, but it’s a game we’ve grown up playing. Regardless of service level or location, all condo hotels require a complex set of relationships and agreements to function properly and maximize profit. Condo hotel owners invest money, time, and energy into their property. We hold our responsibility to maximize and safeguard their units and the homeowner’s association in the highest regard. We will couple proven practices with customized efforts to drive revenue for each unit owner.

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Food & Beverage

Charlestowne currently manages over two dozen food and beverage outlets, ranging from coffee shops and delis to rooftop bars and full-service, stand alone restaurants. From menu design to strategic pricing, ingredient sourcing to table service, we excel in building relationships with guests that last long after their plates have been cleared.

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Seasonal Markets

The ebb and flow of seasonality can be cause for much angst among hoteliers; however, having a distribution strategy in place to combat shoulder seasons while capitalizing on peak periods can help maintain healthy levels of demand. Charlestowne prides itself on employing proactive and creative strategies to bolster off-season performance without jeopardizing perceived value.

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Adaptive Reuse

Charlestowne brings vast experience in renovating and repositioning assets, including adaptive reuse projects. When planning a sizeable renovation or revitalization, corporate teams and departments collaborate to ensure the efforts are financially sound, add value to the guest experience, improve profitability, and maintain the working integrity of key building components for years to come.

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Collegiate Markets

Charlestowne Hotels brings a history of success with hotels in university markets, offering experience in key elements ranging from the capitalization of campus calendar revenue sources, to the shift in guest demographics from prospective students to older alumni. Each of these hotels tells a distinct story, yet together prove a critical point: the key to navigating collegiate markets lies in forging crucial relationships with administration, faculty departments, alumni, as well as the community as a whole.

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Lifestyle Independent

In recent years, the hotel industry has become littered with tired buzzwords, desperately beckoning guests to enjoy curated and local authenticity at their boutique accommodations. With so many arms outstretched to grab hold of the lifestyle trend, few stop to contemplate what style of life they are even offering. That’s where we come in. Charlestowne helps hotels to answer who they are by unpacking the more important question: why. A hotel’s why is its religion, the source of motivation, a promise of its intentions that drives and guides behavior. Whether your property is branded or independent, we use its inherent identity in developing a service experience that delivers a desired lifestyle.

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