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Deer Path Inn

Off-Menu Insta-Worthy Cocktails Turn Heads At The Deer Path Inn

The historic (established 1929), English-inspired Deer Path Inn in Lake Forest, Illinois, probably isn’t the place you’d expect to be drinking creative cocktails served in kids’ cereal boxes and dainty teacups, but take a closer look at the playful touches sprinkled throughout the property–like photos of staff on coasters and rubber ducks in bathtub caddies–and you’ll realize it isn’t quite so surprising.

Mrs. Maisel
Mrs. Maisel, made with gin, raspberries, ginger, black rose liqueur, oleo saccharum and citrus.CREDIT: DEER PATH INN

Jorge Centeno, head bartender, leads the Inn’s beverage program. He joined the team following the property’s extensive renovations in 2015, bringing with him years of management and bartending experience gained from positions throughout Chicago. 

On his vision for the beverage program at the Deer Path Inn, Centeno told me, “Our goal is to keep things fun, innovative and comfortable. We don’t ever want to be pretentious.”Today In: Lifestyle

As for the photogenic off-menu cocktails the Inn shares on its Instagram account, Centeno makes clear that aesthetics aren’t his main priority. “We want [our drinks] to taste great and for people to taste that they were made with intention and not just thrown together for the wow factor,” Centeno said. “We enjoy opportunities to infuse some whimsy into the presentation, [and] if people feel drawn to take a photo or post it on social media then that’s a bonus.”