Night Audit- Part Time

Location Mt. Pleasant, SC
Property Holiday Inn Express & Suites Mount Pleasant
Date Posted August 26, 2019
Job Type Customer Service, Front Desk


Mt. Pleasant, SC -The hotel Night Auditor will accurately maintain records of all hotel sales transactions and to assist the Front Desk with providing service to guests during the evening hours. The Night Auditor will present a positive image of the Hotel to all guests and be knowledgeable of all hotel service to provide an exceptional experience for guests. Al functions are to be carried out in an environment of teamwork.

This position is part-time, with the possibility of additional shifts. The scheduled shift hours are from 11PM to 7AM on Friday and Saturday nights.


    Opening Responsibilities

    • I will arrive to work at my scheduled time.
    • I will maintain a neat, groomed appearance, and shall dress accordingly, in a clean pressed uniform and name tag all in accordance to my manual and job description.
    • I will promptly punch into the timecard machine and immediately begin my work.
    • I will check with the manager on duty regarding any special needs.

    Service Procedures

    • I will follow all sequence of service guidelines according to the manual and job description.
    • I will insure that I am familiar with property management system, reservations and guest transactions.
    • I will insure that I am familiar with accounting standards and procedures necessary for audit area assigned.
    • I will insure that I am familiar with the operations of cash register and running of daily totals.
    • I will insure that I am familiar with cash handling procedures
    • I will insure that I am familiar with 10 key calculations by touch.
    • I will insure that audits are completed free of mathematical or procedural errors
    • I will insure that guest transactions will satisfy performance standards for front desk agents.
    • I will insure that audits completed reflect the following:- Audit entries are correct and legible with tapes attached.
    • Reports, tapes, receipts and supporting paperwork organized for simple review of work.
    • I will insure that audit reports, daily receipts, tapes, supporting documentation are chronologically filed.
    • I will insure that proper procedures for dealing with guest illness or injury, system failures, fire alarms, robbery, security incidents and other emergencies are described accurately and/or followed if they occur.
    • I will offer observations and assistance to management and operating departments, which improve the efficiency of the audit.
    • I will anticipate late night check ins and check outs and do not allow lack of immediate access to automated systems to inconvenience guests.

    General Responsibilities

    • I will take the initiative to get the job done.
    • I will take every opportunity to provide friendly and courteous service to our guest.
    • I will initiate friendly and casual conversation with guests when appropriate
    • I will use the guest’s name whenever possible.
    • I will insure that I am knowledgeable of the property (ie; hours of operation, times of continental breakfast or coffee/tea service)
    • I will never eat, drink, chew gum or smoke within view of guests or in guest areas.
    • I will assist our guests promptly as each guest request is a priority. If I can provide service, I will do so in a quick and efficient manner. If not, I will clearly communicate the request to my manager.
    • I will refer to the daily event sheet to direct guests to the correct meeting room.
    • I will know the departments and names of management personnel to direct guests of further assistance.
    • I will thank our guests for their patronage and invite them back again.
    • I will maintain open communication channels with my co-workers and managers.
    • I will strive to be cooperative with co-workers as a team member in my department and the hotel.
    • I will strive to find solutions to problems rather than place blame and will be proactive in reporting problems and/or requesting assistance when needed.
    • I will work actively to resolve conflicts with other employees or see a manager if I am unable to improve the situation.
    • I will strive to complete all daily work and will advise my supervisor of any incomplete work at the end of my shift.
    • I will attend all department meetings.
    • I will check the bulletin board for daily assignments and pertinent information.
    • I will immediately report any other out-of-the ordinary issues to my manager.
    • I will adhere to the hotel’s policies and procedures.
    • I will follow all safety guidelines to ensure my safety and that of my guests and fellow employees.
    • I will maintain a positive attitude and treat everyone I come in contact with the same respect that I deserve.
    • I will exhibit good judgment in executing all aspects of my position.
    • I will promptly inform my manager/supervisor of any guest complaints or constructive feedback.
    • I will take ownership of guest’s problems until the situation is resolved. If I am leaving my shift and the problem has not been resolved, I will relay the information to the next person on duty that will improve guest service or operational effectiveness.

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