Hiring Motivated, Talented, and Loyal Employees

Hiring Resources

Charlestowne Hotels understands the importance of identifying individuals who are motivated, talented and loyal employees who find pride in delivering positive experiences for both clients and guests. Sophisticated screening tools and processes allow the corporate executives and the director of human resources to effectively communicate with prospects and hire valuable employees.

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Charlestowne’s property level training philosophy is an extension of its corporate philosophy, which is client focused, results oriented, and reliant upon entrepreneurial thinking. Onsite managers and employees are expected to execute services in a consistent manner and exercise good judgment to understand when it is advantageous and appropriate to deviate from established standards.

“Finding Revenue Every Day” (FRED) is a proprietary training tool adopted by every property to meet the unique needs of the property and its guests.

Benefit Programs

Charlestowne Hotels offers a range of insurance programs including health insurance, dental plans and 401K retirement plans. These insurance offerings are above average for the industry.

One size does not fit all…

Our approach is bespoke; our results are consistent. Our properties are recognized as much for their individuality as for their performance. In other words, we tailor our management to deliver the best results for your asset.

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