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Collateral Advantage

How to use your brand to build guest relationships

“The cure for boredom is curiosity. There is no cure for curiosity.” – Dorothy Parker

People are curious. It’s in our nature.

So it should come as no surprise that guests will leave no stone unturned during a hotel stay, peeking into every drawer and rifling through every magazine. From key cards to luggage tags, sales brochures to restaurant menus, every piece of hotel collateral should deliver the brand promise.

Too often, though, hotels feel limited to playing it safe when it comes to collateral design, convinced that intellectual playfulness will result in consequence and not connection.
But it doesn’t have to be this way. Their curiosity is your opportunity to surprise and delight them.

Charlestowne has built a team of in-house designers that are intimately immersed in each of our hotels’ brands. Working closely with the property, our designers use every piece of collateral as a platform for enhancing the guest experience.

Scroll on to see some of our favorite pieces.

Business Cards

Bristol Hotel – Bristol, VA
Keys: 65
F&B Outlets: 2

With an address in the Birthplace of Country Music, The Bristol Hotel wanted its collateral to serve as an ode to some of the city’s famous musicians. The line and dot design on one side of the business cards creates an F Major Guitar Chord, one of the most common chords used in country music songs.

Guestroom Keys

The Foundry – Ashviell, NC
Keys: 87
F&B Outlets: 2

The Foundry charged our creative team with developing a five-card design for the property’s guest room keys. The goal was to create something that was collectible with the potential for rewarding guests who managed to collect the complete series over the course of their repeated stays.

Inspired by the structure’s original use as a factory and the juxtaposition of labor and luxury, Charlestowne chose Robber Barons of America’s Gilded Age as characters for each of the keys. Each component of the illustrations alludes to a specific facet of the Robber Baron’s life.

Logo Design

The Collector Luxury Inn & Gardens – St. Augustine, FL
Keys: 31
F&B Outlets: 1

The “C” mark of The Collector’s logo was inspired by the intricate iron grate on display in the hotel’s courtyard. The hotel’s benefactor, Kenneth Dow, discovered the grate in Paris, France where it was originally used during World War II as a covering for a large vent in a side wall, sewer, or tunnel.

That same mark has been extrapolated to a pattern motif that is used in both print and digital designs, including the hotel’s key card, website design, and letterhead.