Chief Engineer

Location Atlanta, GA
Date Posted September 12, 2017
Job Type Maintenance


Atlanta, GA – Under the direction of the General Manager, the Chief Engineer is responsible for maintaining all equipment, systems and building components, including, but not limited to, mechanical and electrical systems, pumps, HVAC, refrigeration, plumbing, locks, furniture, paint, wall coverings, tile and other equipment/work normally maintained/performed by hotel Maintenance Engineers.  Additional responsibilities include management and decision-making authority for day to day operations and overseeing Stationary Operating Engineers (for those properties that require this).


  • Operates, repairs and maintains all operating equipment, including, but not limited to all pumps, motors, boilers, chillers, etc.
  • Operates, repairs and maintains all electrical systems, refrigeration systems and equipment
  • Paints all surface & equipment, makes minor wall covering repairs and minor furniture touch-up
  • Operates, repairs and maintains all hotel lighting and related equipment systems
  • Operates, repairs and maintains all plumbing and related equipment and systems
  • Repairs and maintains all hotel appliances and equipment and physical plant
  • Repairs and maintains all guest room furnishings, equipment and physical plant
  • Replaces light bulbs, fixtures, televisions and radios
  • Repairs and maintains lock and key system
  • Performs minor construction work
  • Performs necessary inspections and repairs (as required & designated) to kitchen and restaurant equipment and furnishings
  • Any other related duties as assigned by the General Manager
  • Maintain staff
  • Prepare scheduling
  • Maintain day to day documentation
  • Conduct performance evaluations
  • Train (both technical and safety items)
  • Hold monthly departmental meetings
  • Problem solving solutions
  • Maintain open and productive relationship with Human Resources
  • Maintain par stocks of essential parts and associated materials and products used for operating, repairing and maintaining the hotel and for notifying supervisor when parts are needed by using the proper requisition system or want list as appropriate including purchasing
  • Responsible for proper are, operation and maintenance of all equipment and tools in Maintain accurate logs of equipment tests, (such as fire alarm systems, emergency lighting, fire extinguishers, etc.) repair and preventative maintenance logs, monthly reports, daily walk reports, meter readings, etc.


  • High school graduation.  Trade school or military experience
  • Five years hotel maintenance/engineering experience with two years management experience. Must be certified in High-rise Fire Safety, CFC and Chemical testing. Must be proficient in electrical, HVAC, plumbing, locksmith, refrigeration, welding, boiler maintenance, chillers & carpentry
  • The ability to understand written and verbal instructions and to communicate effectively. To maintain accurate readings and logs. To have a solid electrical/mechanical aptitude.  To be able to read blueprints and define areas quickly. To have basic management abilities and to make reasonable decisions

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