• Kris Altman
    Assistant Marketing Director
  • Brianne Asher
    Creative Manager
  • Max Berry
    Revenue Manager
  • Jessica Bowman
    Area Director of Sales
  • Michael Cady
    Vice President, Marketing
  • Johnathan Capps
    Vice President, Revenue
  • Julie Casey
    Staff Accountant
  • Elizabeth Cruse
    Executive Assistant to the President & COO
  • Karl DeHaven
    Revenue Manager
  • Nadine Donnell
    Director of aurora loan Revenue Management
  • Sara Dykyj
    Revenue Manager
  • Emily Farella
    Marketing Coordinator
  • Lisa Fogg
  • Kim Grace
    Accounts Payable
  • Jenn Hahn
    Area Sales & Event Coordinator
  • Ursula Harvey
    Executive Assistant to the CEO
  • Jared Hassard
    Revenue Manager
  • Kyle Hughey
    Vice President, Finance
  • Brian Irvin
    Senior Accountant
  • Paul Johnson
    Creative Manager
  • Jennifer Jost
    Marketing  Account Manager
  • Liz Kornhoff
    Accounting Assistant
  • Patrick Mitchell
    Marketing Project Specialist
  • Kelli Pagels
    Revenue Manager
  • Gavin Philipp
    Regional Director of Operations
  • George Prioleau III
    Corporate Task Force & Special Projects Manager
  • Ryan Royer
    Revenue Manager
  • Dylan Sams
    Payroll/Accounting Administrator
  • Jim Sichta
    Vice President, Operations
  • Jim Siebold
    Regional Director of Operations
  • Everett Smith
    Chief Executive Officer
  • Larry Spelts
    Vice President, Business Development
  • Harper Stephens
    Business Development
  • Craig Strickler
    Regional Director of Operations
  • Michael W. Tall
    President & Chief Operating Officer
  • Sam Trotter
    Brand Strategy

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